The Corrective Services Act 2006 uses the title “Religious Visitor” rather than the old title of “Chaplain”. Moreover, this title is used to cover a variety of categories of visitors. The SCB therefore propose the following categories for Religious Visitors:

1. Religious Visitor – Chaplain approved by the SCB and issued with a letter of appointment by DCS, with permission to enter and move freely within the centres named in his or her letter of appointment.

2. Personal Religious Visitor – being a person who provides spiritual support at the request of a prisoner, but who has access only to the visits area of a centre. Such a person must be approved by their faith community. Visits to take place in accordance with conditions as set down by DCS..

3. Religious Visitor – Chaplain’s Assistant – A person who may accompany an approved chaplain to undertake for specific tasks (e.g. running a Bible study), or who may, with a General Manager’s consent, attend a centre as Worship Leader to conduct group worship or provide religious instruction. Such persons must be appointed by their faith community and approved by the Service Provider.

4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  Religious Visitor – nominated by the Queensland Murri Chaplaincy or State Chaplaincy Board and issued with a letter of appointment by the Executive Director, Offender Programs and Services.  The visitor may enter and move freely within the facilities (subject to operational constraints) detailed in the letter to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  prisoners to maintain contact with their communities and receive spiritual guidance.