Specialist Religious Visitor

Guidelines for Specialist Religious Visitor

The State Chaplaincy Board works with Queensland Corrective Services to support prisoners in accessing Specialist Religious Visitors from religious organisations not represented on the Board.

Approval for Specialist Religious Visitors occurs through Queensland Corrective Services, with advice from the SCB. Consideration of Specialist Religious Visitor status is given when there is a group of individuals requesting visits. Prisoners are also able to access personal religious visits through the visits centre for individual contact. The SCB or local chaplains may assist a centre in identifying people from other faiths who are interested in volunteering their services.

A Specialist Religious Visitor:

  • is a voluntary position- the sponsoring organisation may wish to provide some financial support for travel etc.
  • shall be recognised and nominated by a recognised faith group.
  • shall be responsible for the provision of pastoral care to those requesting their support.
  • will operate in Queensland Correctional Centre(s) as stated in the letter of appointment.
  • shall comply with the Queensland Corrective Services Code of Ethics, Procedures for Professional Religious Visitors and other security procedures and protocols. This includes issues such as what can and can’t be taken into a Correctional Centre.
  • will receive advice regarding how and where they can access prisoners that request them. This will occur through the Correctional Centre’s Manager of Offender Development. Consideration will be given to suitable locations based on operational requirements and availability.
  • Centre Inductions and custodial awareness training shall be organised with the Centre Management before the commencement of any visits.
  • are requested not to proselytise to prisoners outside of those they are there to see.

Those wishing to apply as a Specialist Religious Visitor can contact QCS directly through Sue Morris. The Departments contacts are listed here.