Role of Assigned Board Representative


The State Chaplaincy Board seeks to establish and maintain a strong link with all Chaplaincy Teams and a consistent relationship with each Centre’s Management. For this purpose, the Board assigns a member of the Board to be its representative at a Centre for Chaplaincy matters.

This Board member will endeavour to develop effective communication between the chaplaincy teams and the Board. At times, this Board member will need to communicate with Centre Management on behalf of the Board and/or the Chaplaincy team.

General Outline and rationale:

The assigned representative of the Board will:

Develop and maintain an effective working relationship with the Team Co-ordinator and through them with the Chaplaincy team in the Center.

Provide effective communication between the Board and the Co-coordinator/ team.

Give advice to the Co-coordinator/team in relation to matters of Board policy.

Be available to dialogue with Centre Management on matters relating to Chaplaincy as approved by the Board.

Specific Responsibilities:

Liaise with the Centre’s Chaplaincy Team normally through the team’s Co-ordinator.

Facilitate information sharing between the Chaplaincy Team and the State Chaplaincy Board.

Bring to the notice of the Board any particular issues/problems that needs Board consideration.

Liaise with Centre’s management on behalf of the Board in specific issues regarding Chaplaincy.

Monitor the Centre’s Chaplaincy team’s policy and procedural compliance and its ethical performance.

Offer pastoral care to the co-ordinator and the team members. Attend at least three (3) team meetings per year (where practicable)


The representative is appointed by the Board.


The assigned Board representative will be accountable to the State Chaplaincy Board.