Role of Relief Chaplains

  • A relief Chaplain would attend a Correctional Centre to offer Pastoral Care to prisoners primarily when a chaplain was absent from a Correctional Centre, because of illness, holidays, etc.
  • With the consent of the denomination/organisation, a relief Chaplain may stand in for any denomination/organisation
  • A relief Chaplain may be called upon to conduct the Worships Services if other Chaplains were not available to do the Services
  • A relief Chaplain should not attend when the designated number of Chaplains are present in a Centre.
  • A relief Chaplain is responsible to his /her own denomination/group
  • A relief Chaplain should sign the attendance sheet for the denomination to which he belongs
  • A relief Chaplain will be appointed by QCS on the recommendation of the State Chaplaincy Board.
  • QCS to advise the Chaplain of the appointment, with copies to the Correctional Centre, Correctional Centre Chaplaincy Team , the State Chaplaincy Board, and the Chaplain’s denomination/organization.