Processing Chaplaincy Applications

  1. Applicant is investigated and approved by Service Provider as suitable to commence Chaplaincy Training.
  2. Service Provider advises State Chaplaincy Board with “Notification of Interest” form (from Chaplain’s Nomination Pack, which is tabled at the next SCB meeting.
  3. Service Provider sends completed NOI,  / 27a  form /  Criminal History Form / certified copy of Photo Identification (ie: Drivers Licence /passport) to SCB for processing through Queensland Corrective Services
  4. Service Provider writes to the Correctional Centre concerned advising of new Trainee Chaplain, providing details of name, address, phone/email contact details and Drivers Licence Number, and requesting approval to commence training . Copy of letter to be also sent to Co-ordinating Chaplain from that Centre.
  5. Service Provider advise SCB admin when applicant available for Security Awareness Academy Training. This should be done at the first available opportunity.
  6. Service Provider in consultation with the local centre Chaplaincy Coordinator, (when  Security Cleared) arranges for local centre induction/ Service provider should keep a copy of the Security Forms filled out by the trainee Chaplain.
  7. Each month at the meeting with the Chaplaincy Coordinator and the Centre Management, a list of the Trainee Chaplains awaiting permission to commence their training should be given to Centre Management and discussion take place as to the current position regarding the trainee’s attendance at Security Awareness/Induction.
  8. In consultation with the Chaplaincy Coordinator, trainee commences 6 days training plus a Worship Service under direct supervision of the nomination agency Chaplain, or other Chaplains if required. Chaplaincy Coordinator to facilitate these training days with Centre Management.
  9. After six days and worship service completed, the necessary forms from Nomination Pack plus QCS ID form and passport photo sent to the SCB by the Service Provider. Chaplains should continue with Orientation/Training until their QCS ID is received. Trainee Chaplains must always be accompanied by another Chaplain (not an Officer).
  10. Nomination considered at next SCB meeting, and if approved, Queensland Corrective Services advised, and letter of appointment sent from QCS to the Applicant, copies to SCB, Centre Management and Chaplaincy Coordinator.
  11. If no response after 6 weeks, ring SCB admin officer (0409269678) regarding the progress of the ID. Please keep a copy of all documents which are sent to SCB and the Correctional Centres, for reference purposes.