Policy on Altar wine

Permission to use wine for religious services within correctional centres

The Queensland Corrective Services Religious Visitors procedure has been amended to provide that the Chief Executive shall approve the use of altar wine at a religious service, when conducted by an approved religious visitor (Chaplain).

In Section 9 of the Procedure – Security Issues states:

“A religious visitor (Chaplain) is authorised to take into a corrective services facility a quantity of alcoholic wine for the purpose of conducting religious services. On arrival at the Corrective Services facility the religious visitor must declare the wine and corrective services officers must be satisfied that the wine is being taken into the centre for the purpose of conducting a religious service. This wine must be securely stored at the corrective services facility as determined by the General Manager.

Access to the secure store of wine will be granted to approved religious visitors for the purpose of conducting religious services. The wine may be given to prisoners to consume as part of the religious service. Refer CSAs 128(2)(a), CSRs 20 (k).”

Religious Visitors (Chaplains) who wish to hold Mass/Communion using alcoholic wine should discuss the issue with the Centre Co Ordinating Chaplain to ensure that all regulations are being met. This should be organised a number of weeks prior to the event.