Guidelines regarding team funds

For the purposes of the State Chaplaincy Boards (SCB) new financial arrangements, Chaplaincy Team Accounts will now be referred to as ‘Team Petty Cash Accounts’. (You don’t need to have the name of your account changed – you just have to recognise that is what it is.

  • The maximum allocation for each team will be $150 per year.
  • You will be required to forward the SCB a bank/agency statement that covers the previous financial year. These statements should be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Chaplaincy Team in February of each year, and when approved by the Team, forwarded to the State Chaplaincy Board for reimbursement up to $150, by 1st April. In exceptional circumstances, when the team may be saving the money for an expensive item, the Team may apply for the top up before the money has been spent.
  • If you do not present a bank statement, then no reimbursement will be made.
  • You will need to keep a basic written or electronic record of your team’s income and expenditure should the auditor wish to check your account. (Feel free to use what works for you as long as you show ‘income’ and ‘expenditure’. There is a template attached you can use if you are not sure how you might go about this.)

You may use the account for the following approved items:

  • Postage, stationary, office supplies, photocopying and other materials that relate to administrative functions.
  • Religious artifacts for the leading of worship such as candles, prayer books, song books and, if funds permit, cassette players.
  • Purchase of capital items subject to the following conditions: Each chaplaincy team may spend up to $200 per annum on items of capital nature – eg. DVD players, TV etc. but must advise the SCB Administration of the details of the purchase.
    • Any purchase over $200 or that will take the team account beyond the $500 per annum limit requires prior authorization of SCB Administration.
    • All purchases of capital items can only be made after the receipt of written approval of the General Manager of the centre for the item to be brought into, and used within the centre.
    • Any item so purchased must be clearly marked “Purchased by SCB – this item remains property of SCB.”


You may not use the account for the following:

  • Individual prisoner’s needs.
  • Food, drinks, beverages or alcohol.
  • Travel Expenses
  • Donations to other organisations

Any other items will need to be approved by the SCB before purchase.

Any funds not received from the SCB, i.e. separate donations, are not subject to any of the above but will need to be highlighted on the annual statement.

Sample Income/Expenditure Sheet