Guidelines for Visiting Wacol Houses

1. Residents may request a visit from a nominated Chaplain to visit the precinct.
2. The Chaplain completes a “once only” application form which is forwarded to the resident’s supervisor who forwards it to the Probation and Parole District Manager. Once approved a letter of approval will be given to the Chaplain for ease of entry onto the site.
3. All visitors to the Precinct should advise the District Manager before they are enter the area. The Chaplain should also advise the District Manager when they leave the area.
4. A female chaplain must be accompanied by a male chaplain at all times.
5. A Chaplain should not place themselves alone with a resident where they cannot be monitored.
6. It is preferable that all visits take place in a common area, e.g. garden, BBQ area, front steps.
7. All visits are monitored with surveillance cameras 24/7.
8. On Site group activities such as BBQ are to be approved by the District Manager and the ADG, Probation and Parole.
9. In the future, it may be necessary to draw up a roster for Chaplain’s visits.
10. All Chaplains are to support the prisoner in meeting the conditions of the orders. If issues are raised concerning their orders, the resident is to be referred to their Probation and Parole Office, Legal Aid or Prisoners’ Legal Services.