Discipline/Withdrawal of Chaplains


Queensland Corrective Services’ Chaplains are accountable in relation to their professional conduct in relation to the State Chaplaincy Board Guidelines for Chaplains, State Chaplaincy Board Code of Ethics, Queensland Corrective Services Code of Conduct, and to the ethical requirements of their particular sponsoring Church or Agency.

Where a Chaplain is in clear contravention of the above in relation to their professional conduct and such behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate or is seen to compromise Centre Security, in the first instance it is hoped that such issues can be resolved “informally” within the Centre by Management or their agent by consultation with the Chaplain concerned, and if necessary the Team Coordinator, and other concerned parties. However if a resolution at Centre level is not possible or deemed appropriate by Centre Management, a formal complaint against the said Chaplain may be made.

Process and Procedure:

Such complaints should be made in the first instance to the General Manager of the Centre in which the incident took place. If in the first instance, the State Chaplaincy Board becomes aware of inappropriate behaviour of chaplains, the Board will at its discretion notify the relevant Centre Management or the relevant Queensland Corrective Services staff.

Upon the report, notification or receipt of a complaint, of a critical incident, The General Manager may at their discretion, suspend a Chaplain from their Duties and remove the Chaplain concerned from the Centre and / or prohibit the Chaplain concerned entry to the Centre.

Should this process be initiated, the General Manager must notify Queensland Corrective Services as soon as possible. QCS is then responsible to advise the current chair of the State Chaplaincy Board and make available to the chair all relevant documentation in relation to the complaint. The State Chaplaincy Board chair will then notify the appropriate sponsoring agency of the existence of a complaint.

Following such notification, the Sponsoring agency may seek further clarification from QCS and the State Chaplaincy Board, and may request meetings with the General manager concerned. The Sponsoring Agency will then review the issue with the Chaplain and;

1. Either seek to negotiate acceptable terms and conditions with Centre Management to facilitate the Chaplain’s being re-instated *, or;
2. Withdraw the Chaplain’s nomination from the State Chaplaincy Board.

* (It is expected that the Sponsoring Agency would involve both the State Board, Centre Management and other officers of QCS where necessary in the making of any such decision.)

Should point 1 above be desirable but fail to reach a resolve, then the State Chaplaincy Board and other Officers of QCS would become further involved in the process of mediating a satisfactory outcome.