Communication Protocol

All matters relating to the functioning of the chaplaincy team within a correctional centre should be brought to the notice of the coordinator, who will then place such matters on the agenda for the next team meeting. Resolution of such matters will be by the vote of the team members after appropriate discussion.

Matters requiring the advice or action of centre management should, in the first instance, be referred to the management person attending the meeting, normally the MOD. Where necessary the coordinator may communicate with the General Manager either in person or in writing. Please keep a record of both verbal and written communication.

Any matters unable to be resolved at the team meeting or through centre management should be referred to the State Chaplaincy Board by the chaplaincy team coordinator.

Whilst recognising the right of any chaplain to engage in the political process by writing as a private citizen to a local member of parliament or minister of the crown, any official communication with Departmental staff outside the centre such as with the QCS head office in Brisbane or with the Minster responsible for the department concerning chaplaincy matters or on behalf of chaplains, is the responsibility of the State Chaplaincy Board through either the Chair, or the Administration Assistant.