Role of the Board

The State Chaplaincy Board is not an incorporated body, nor is it part of Queensland Corrective Services. The Board is simply a convenient mechanism through which the Churches and other religious bodies:
(a) coordinate the pastoral care services that they offer into the prison system; and
(b) negotiate and administer the funding agreement that they have with Queensland Corrective Services to provide chaplaincy services.

The State Chaplaincy Board, in its dealings with Queensland Corrective Services (and its contracted service providers) stands in loco parentis for the Churches and other religious bodies. The members of the Board are nominated by the Churches and other religious bodies and answerable to them.

On behalf of the Churches and other religious bodies, the State Chaplaincy Board is responsible for supervising the nomination, induction, ethical performance, policy and procedural compliance, and continuing professional development of prison chaplains. The Board also assists the Churches and other religious bodies to recruit, trial, and train potential chaplains.

On behalf of Queensland Corrective Services, the State Chaplaincy Board ensures that reasonable efforts are made to facilitate the  meeting of the spiritual and religious needs of inmates, whatever their faith tradition. The Board also ensures that chaplains are conversant with and comply with, the operational policies and procedures of Queensland Corrective Services. The Board also advises Queensland Corrective Services on policy development and policy implementation issues relevant to the pastoral care of inmates.

Role of the Chair

The role of the Chair of the Board is to ensure that the Board functions effectively as a  deliberative and decision-taking group, operates ecumenically, transparently, and justly in its dealings with QCS, the Churches/Faith Groups, and chaplaincy teams, and is careful and transparently accountable in its use of the available resources.

Role of Senior Administration Assistant

The Administrator is accountable to the Board for the efficient day-to-day operations of the Board. The timeliness, accuracy, and reliability of chaplain records, financial transactions, appointment processes, and Board communications is a critical element of the responsibilities of the Senior Administration Assistant position.

Two -yearly Rotational Order for Chair (in no particular order)

  • Uniting Church
  • Prison Fellowship
  • Anglican Church
  • Salvation Army
  • Catholic Church
  • Inside Out – Carinity